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Erica | 17 | US | Punk | Hardcore | Taken |

I ship Jalex& Phan. I like post-hardcore, tattoos, punk, the colors orange, green, and black. I love cuddling and movies and bands are my life.

I had my life saved on January 1, 2013 and started dating the best guy ever on September 24, 2013.

Message me, I like to meet new people and helping them.


Burning my own book did not feel the way I thought it would. No part of it felt destructive or transgressive. It felt appropriate. Like it would have been weird if I had not have burned it.

The word “fire” occurs 23 times in Echo of the Boom. “Burn” occurs 44 times. The final edit that was made before locking the manuscript was the removal of the line “close enough, this page might simply burn in your hands.” They took it out because of the people who would be reading the digital version. I guess you can’t really burn a book anymore. Only a copy of a book.

- Maxwell Neely-Cohen

(own the book)

(via xan-dur)

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