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Erica | 17 | US | Punk | Hardcore | Taken |

I ship Jalex& Phan. I like post-hardcore, tattoos, punk, the colors orange, green, and black. I love cuddling and movies and bands are my life.

I had my life saved on January 1, 2013 and started dating the best guy ever on September 24, 2013.

Message me, I like to meet new people and helping them.


dean meme: [1/10 Favorite Scenes] 

"Dark Side of the Moon" [S05E16]

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i never understood the whole reaction towards mental illness where someone says “it’s all  in your head” i feel like that statement is just as redundant as telling someone with pulmonary edema that “the fluid is all in your lungs” like yes. yeah thats exactly where it is get it out of there??? 

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